Sundays River Valley Municipality has received R300 000 cash prize from the Department of Forestry,
Fisheries, and the Environment (DFFE)at the launch of 2022 Arbor Month which was held at Mbombela
in the Mpumalanga province.
SRVM has won second place in the local municipality’s category in 2022 National Arbor City Awards
According to DFFE, the competition is to encourage municipalities to undertake greening initiatives to
create green landscapes.
The entry requirements for municipalities include showcasing current and future tree-planting projects
to advance the Ten Million Trees Programme as announced by the Office of the President.
The Mayor for SRVM Councillor Simphiwe Rune described this as a great milestone for the
“We will be using the prize money in advancing more programs and campaigns in fulfilling the 10
million tree planting call from the President and working together with all relevant stakeholders and
private sector on beautifying and keeping our area green which will revive and boost tourism in the
areas of our municipality,” he said.
“Our programs will focus mostly on sustainability which we will achieve through education and
awareness for broader community involvement,” he added.
The Mayor further appreciated the initiative by DFFE and the support the municipality has received
from its stakeholders and the employees of the municipality.